The Canadian, The Manx GP, His Bike and Our Helmets

by dev on September 11, 2007

Destined for the 2007 IoM Manx GP, Erwin -The -Intrepid flew half way around the world from Vancouver, Canada, to Manchester, England, to be reunited with his beloved HRD awaiting him in UK customs.


Erwin- The -Excited rode the HRD west from Manchester to ‘pop by’ Davida in Liverpool and grab himself a lid. Realising he had not slept for 2 days and now having ridden up and down along the M62 a few times without bumping into Liverpool, he began to think he might possibly be Erwin-The -Dazed and Confused.


Eventually arriving at Davida, he became Erwin-The-Lucky, as he was swept into the company fold. Given a bed for the night and a garage for the bike, as well as maps, routes, local contacts and locations of the best-kept secrets for a few days riding  in Wales before his scheduled sailing from Liverpool to Douglas.


At the great event itself, Erwin Golke -The Proud Canadian won three awards for his concours Vincent HRD.


Enjoy Your Pursuits

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