New Cosmic Flake Creatures From Davida

par Davida sur May 09, 2014

Davida open face motorcycle helmets feel wonderfully luxurious and protective given their snug fitting and leather-lined construction and are well proven for all types of riding adventures. We are proud our helmets have been hand made in England at our factory in Birkenhead for more than 30 years.

The Davida paintshop, having spent the winter mastering the idiosyncrasies and time consuming nature of metal-flake paint effects, have now turned their inherent passion to the next challenge: a more sophisticated display of our helmet art skills.

As a result the decades of experience in producing complex paint jobs on one of the most challenging mediums there is,  the almost spherical motorcycle helmet,  Davida wizards are using their metal-flake skills to craft these new Cosmic creatures.


Metal-flake paintjobs and translucent candy effects became a key aesthetic of the post-war custom scene. Today it remains an enduring global culture of custom motorbikes, hot rodding, psychobilly music, still contributing a visual flair in a vibrant way. Flake and candys are not a types of paint, they are a paint effect, invented in California to sparkle very brightly in their shimmering sunlight.

Using the same traditional techniques, designed to test the painters skill and imagination, our metal-flake uses more than nine coats of lacquer. To achieve a deeply luscious flake finish, every third layer of lacquer on each Davida Cosmic Flake helmet must be baked and flattened down. The attention to details, the depth of the light and colour: the visual effect of the results is stunning.

With our international reputation for integrating the finest features of traditional open face helmets into modern safety products, all Davida’s supremely comfortable range of helmets are now available in more than 100 different colourways.

Davida’s new Cosmic Flake Colourways are launched in 6 Complex designs:

 Cosmic Flake Blue Red Thunderbolt 750


Cosmic Flake Silver UJ Sides 751


Cosmic Flake Stars n Stripes 752


Cosmic Flake Black Orange Flame 753


Cosmic Flake Silver Red Flame 754


Cosmic Flake Blue Red Star 755



Davida Jet (ECE-R22-05) & Ninety 2 ( BS 6658: 1985 Type B) RRP £378
Davida Speedster RRP £365 + VAT

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