Rat and Survival Rally, 11-12th May,Taddington, Derbyshire

par dev sur May 21, 2009

Apart from painting your bike the flattest, mattest,  meanest shade of black, organisers of the Rat and Survival Rally, The Rat Bike Zone says Rat Bikes are the ” ultimate distillation …….. don’t fix it unless it’s broken……….do minimum to keep them healthy…let it wear its visual history with pride…no..cleaning, polishing,washing or adding shiny parts…..So a perfect place for Fid The Lid.  Who might have been one of the few there to spot this Honda 900 still attached to a swinging arm MADE BY DAVIDA IN THE 1980’s !

“Rats have been part of our history cos my bikes are always solid matt black and used in the Davida photoshoots since the 1980’s … we’ve got a few of my Katanas, Exups and BMs scattered around in various parts of this website. I’ve never been to a Rat Rally before. It was full of great brains and resourceful people.Go. ” – Fid The Lid.

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